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2023 Special Events

June 16th - Whitetail Workshop

Whitetail Workshop

by Tactical Approach Outdoors

Admission: $200.00

Date: June 17, 2023

Location: NCCS, 17395 E 1825 Terrace, La Cygne, Kansas

Time: 10am-4pm


Get the opportunity to learn in person with a group of like minded deer hunters! Whitetail Workshops is a very mobile hunting forward educational experience that will include both a classroom portion and an in field portion, allowing you plenty of time to learn the topics being covered, ask plenty of questions and get the opportunity to learn hands on.

What you will learn:

  • Ultralight mobile hunting techniques

  • Scouting strategies

  • Food sources

  • Locating buck bedding areas

  • Saddle hunting

  • How to create a successful deer hunting blueprint based off of the information that you have collected

  • Get the opportunity to try out a saddle or sit in a tree stand and learn to shoot your bow from it if desired

  • And many more topics

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