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NCSS Testimonials

Testimonials from the NCSS March 2024 class of survivalists. (2:36 minutes)

Hand Drill

The hand drill friction fire can teach us more than how to make a fire, it can teach us about combining friction and pressure to manipulate, create and influence.

(2:41 minutes)

Paiute Deadfall

The Paiute Deadfall, a deadly primitive trap. 

(3 minutes)

NCSS Testimonial

Jonas shares his experience at Nature Connect Survival School. (2:08 minutes)

Pine Needle Tea

Collecting materials in the wilderness to start a fire to brew some pine needle tea. (3:04 minutes)

NCSS Promo

Nature Connect Survival School is intended to create a space for people who would like to learn and practice skills that improve their experience in nature related activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, bushcraft, wilderness survival, wilderness safety and much more. (2:58 minutes)


Why I practice primitive skills like the bow-drill friction fire. (3 minutes)

Video Shorts
Cool stuff in under a minute

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