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First Course of the Season!

NCSS had a fantastic group of students this last weekend at our first immersive 48 hour wilderness survival school of the season!

Students dove into several methods of procuring fire to include primitive technigues like flint and steel and friction fires. They learned how to find and treat potable water, setting up a quick emergency shelter, making primitive traps and foraging for wild edibles. They brushed up on safety skills and learned a hand full of knots that will serve them well in any situation. Best of all they had fun and strengthened their confidence in nature.

Mother Nature blessed us all with impressive thunder storms including heavy rain and hail. Shortly after, the students were challenged and put under pressure with a fire building competition. Modern devices such as lighters, matches or store bought accelerants were prohibited. Despite wet conditions and dropping temperatures, success was achieved and prizes were given out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Stories, ideas, tips, and feelings were shared around the campfire. Connections were made amongst the students and with nature.

We all learned from each other I’m looking forward to the next course. We will be implementing some of the wonderful feedback NCSS received from our students to continue to make connecting with nature available to more wilderness enthusiasts!

- Andre Branning

Owner & Operator

Nature Connect LLC

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