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The Outhouse Build

Not everyone appreciates pooping in the woods and I have to admit, it is one of those things you can deal with when you have no other option. NCSS decided to build an old fashion outhouse, crapper, poo box, relief station, kybo, loo, john, whatever you want to call it. It’s a place to take a poop.

Like most of the projects around here, we used as many recycled materials as possible. After tracking down some used lumber, I was able to dig out some old hinges and other random pieces of hardware out of a near-by junk pile.

I liked the idea of making a composting outhouse for a couple of reasons. I didn’t want to have to move the latrine to new holes or risk seepage into the nearby creek. In the spirit of reusing as much as possible, having the fertilizer on hand for new trees safely distanced from any water source sounded like a good way to make use of the deposits left. Although I’ve heard human waist is good for your garden, the idea using it to grow food just doesn’t set well with me.

The build took place near the NCSS headquarters in order to take advantage of the use of power tools. Knowing the structure would need to be transported, it was built in 8 sections that could be disassembled and moved on a trailer, then pulled with a side-by-side to its permanent home in the woods.

At the site we laid a foundation with old cinderblocks salvaged from the above mentioned junk pile, disassembled the crapper and moved it near the camping area.

The best part of the outhouse build were the wonderful people who helped. However the next best thing was watching everyone who lended a hand pretend to take a dump in it at various stages of the build!

- Andre Branning

Owner & Operator

Nature Connect LLC

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